The News Production Management of as A Top News Portal


  • Nanda Rabita Nur Ilahiyah Don Yen Universitas Aisyiyah Yogyakarta



Internet technology enlivens the existence of cyber media in Indonesia, a medium used for journalistic activities. This has led to fierce competition in terms of production techniques and news distribution in order to become the news product of choice., which is one of the cyber media portals that has succeeded in presenting news products that are favored by the public among many similar media. So this research aims to find out how's news production management can lead its news portal to enter the ranks of popular news portals. This research uses descriptive qualitative methods by focusing on data from observation as well as library assistance such as journals and books.The results of the study show that carries out the management process of planning, organizing, actuating and controlling. Excess in the planning stage, chooses news themes that are the center of attention of internet users by utilizing geogle trends. As well as plays the right SEO to attract media coverage to be better known. Keywords: Online Journalism, Editorial Management,