Analysis of Audience Reception of Marketing Communications on TikTok Hairnerds Studio Social Media

Analisis Resepsi Khalayak Terhadap Komunikasi Pemasaran Pada Media Sosial TikTok Hairnerds Studio


  • Rr Nadhira Harsari Rr Nadhira Nadhira



ABSTRACT The development of the world of communications and marketing continues to experience significant improvements. Many companies are taking advantage of this development to market the products and services they provide. One of them is Hairnerds Studio which has 3 million followers on the TikTok social media account. Through their videos and interactive posts, they have succeeded in gaining the attention of a wide audience. However, the problem faced is that Hairnerds Studio invites the public to tip or give more money to barbers throughout the area and invites barbers to continue to improve their abilities in order to increase the prices of their services. For this reason, the main aim of this writing is to analyze and describe how the public receives content on TikTok Hairnerds Studio using reception analysis initiated by Stuart Hall in 2023. The research method used is qualitative-descriptive. Researchers decided to use several main respondents who met the main requirements, namely: 11) Informants who are followers of the Hairnerds Studio account, 2) Barbers who follow the Hairnerds Studio TikTok account, 3) Over 22 years old. The achievement target to be achieved is to provide scientific publications with national accreditation. From the research results, it was found that 5 informants were in a dominant position regarding the audience's interpretation of the acceptance of the exhibition of their work and education on the TikTok Hairnerds Studio account. Meanwhile, the audience's interpretation of the invitation to help the welfare of barbers/barbershops in each region showed that 5 informants were in a negotiating position. In conclusion, the public understands well what Hairnerds Studio is campaigning for but does not fully agree with their calls in certain matters.   Keywords: Reception Analysis, Digital Marketing Communications, Audience Reception