Determinasi Pesan Kampanye #MYBABYTREE di Akun Instagram @wwf_id terhadap Partisipasi Followers dalam Melakukan Pelestarian Hutan


  • Anggi Dwi Puspita Sari Institut Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik
  • Sadakita Br Karo Institut Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik
  • Laurencia SMW Kurniawati Bunda Mulia University
  • Harry Harry Universitas Bunda Mulia, Serpong
  • Joshua Fernando Institut Pertanian Bogor



This paper aims to determine the extent of the influence of the #MyBabyTree campaign message on the @wwf_id Instagram account on followers' participation in replanting forests. This research method is a survey with a quantitative approach with a simple linear regression analysis technique. The results of the study show the determination of the #MyBabyTree campaign message on the @wwf_id Instagram account on the participation of followers to replant forests by 43.4%, while 56.6% is influenced by other variables from outside this study. In conveying the #MyBabyTree message, you should pay attention to the order of presentation message structure, namely by conveying a strong argument at the beginning of the sentence, such as: writing a caption regarding the sentence asking to plant a tree is placed at the beginning because people pay more attention to the first message in a series of messages. Information on the lack of mangrove forest cover must include an explanation in the form of education for the community, such as: providing education about the contribution of mangrove forests in the bulwark of abrasion prevention and how to maintain and preserve mangrove forests. Supported by the theory used S-O-R (Stimulus, Organism, Response) this can be one of the contents of messages based on emotional appeals, namely messages that evoke positive emotions that provide encouragement to followers. The Instagram account @wwf_id in conveying the #MybabyTree message should use words or sentences that are clear, concise, firm, lively, real, easy to remember, ethical, and aesthetic, such as: "Mangrove cover" is changed to "The area of ​​mangrove forest".

Author Biography

Laurencia SMW Kurniawati, Bunda Mulia University

Laurencia Steffanie Mega Wijaya Kurniawati (平爱) Starting his career from being an honorary radio announcer, to a commercial radio producer, as well as having streaming radio making this birth in 1996 determined to study in the field of broadcasting to the Capital. Born in the city with the slogan of Tanah Select Pusako Betuah on September 8, often called Lauren, she started her education at Adhyaksa 1 Elementary School in Jambi and ended up at the junior high school level in the same school. I was allowed to become a finalist in the Mathematical Olympiad in the province of Jambi. Then he continued his high school level at Bina Kasih Christian High School. And currently in the final period of study at the Master of Communication Studies, Bunda Mulia University. In addition to his interest in broadcasting and some of the above experiences, he continued to strive for success in becoming an entrepreneur, as well as devoting his life in the world of academia.



2022-06-21 — Updated on 2022-05-31